October 1, 2012
Scenes from Azeroth: On the Kun-Lai Summit

The blonde yak mount is just insanely cute in action.

September 28, 2012
Stop! Panda time!

Elanas…er, well, she became a panda.

In character, of course, it doesn’t work that way. Elanas has retired for non-martial pursuits, and Yonglu is one of those pandaren who left the Wandering Isle some years ago, who’s now getting into responding to the new war and the chance to see Pandaria and all that. But in deep inner soul, it’s Elanas into Yonglu. :)

I am loving the heck out of Mists, and making good progress.

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September 23, 2012
Scenes from Azeroth: Burning for You

Apologies for the general absence of posting - I spent several weeks getting reinfected with some junk, but the problem’s under control now, it seems.

I really love the look of destruction warlocks these days.

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September 12, 2012
Scenes from the bucket list: Birdie!

Woo hoo! This is one of those things I’ve sought on and off ever since Magister’s Terrace opened, on various characters. And now, thanks to account-wide mounts, it’s done for all.

I am very, very happy about this.

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September 7, 2012
Scenes from Azeroth: Afternoon fishing

There are times when I like nothing so much as firing up podcasts or an audiobook and working on fishing a while.

I’d like to note that it’s very unusual for me to turn on display of cloaks. I almost never find cloaks as interesting to look at as the body pieces they cover. But this one caught my fancy.

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September 7, 2012
Me and my alts

One nice thing about getting so very much of my long-term wish list done is that I had time and interest in poking at alts.

I really love casters, in pretty much every fantasy game. The single greatest drawback of Cataclysm, for me personally, was finding warlocks (my first class to take to level cap, back when) genuinely beyond my abilities to play at endgame and others impaired, difficult, or just not that much fun. It was therefore really deeply relieving to find that my beloved warlock is again within my grasp, and the other casting classes all seem to have fun options too.

There’s a special level of wish fulfillment for me in the elegantly garbed wielder of powerful forces. I can’t really envision myself as a warrior or anything like that, but magic? If it worked like that? Sure.

What I also found, in the last week and some of working hard at my alts, though, is that overall, Elanas remains more fun for me to play right now. She gets me to more game fun and goals with less fuss. I’m more powerful in game when I play her. I like to think that I’m not deeply obsessed with maximizing power beyond the level of “a reliably good solid contributor to the group’s success”, but the fact is that after an expansion or two in which so much of what I liked doing got marginalized, it kind of does matter to me.

What I also know is that there’ll be a point in Mists, or rather several points, where I want a change of pace. WoW expansions run on longer than the developers want, for various reasons, and so there’ll be stretches where there’s just not much fresh to do with any single character. That’s when my casters will get their time in the spotlight. What makes me happy right now is knowing that they’ll do well, when that time comes.

September 5, 2012
The Bucket List Revisited

Now that patch 5.0.4 is out, where do I stand? TL,DR: In a great place.

Pets, Combat Dept.

Got my fen strider, don’t want a basilisk, got a tenacity sporebat and a ferocity shale spider…life is good.


There’s a new Loremaster of Pandaria achievement, but it turns out you don’t need it just yet. The consolidation of activity into account-wide bucketry meant that Elanas inherited Loremaster thanks to the work of several separate characters. Woot!


Elanas is maxed out. Alts are coming along.


Ohhhh yeahhh. I am well stocked, thanks.


Ditto here.

Pets, Companion Dept.

Here too. 


My guild plugs along. I’m happy to take part. It’s been busy and disjointed weeks lately, so not a lot in the way of achievement hunting, but that’s fine. I’m having a good time.

In short: Things are so good with Elanas that I have a lot of comfortable time to poke at alts.

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September 5, 2012
Scenes from Azeroth: Quel’danas again

Why, yes, actually, I really do like the Isle of Quel’danas’ scenery.

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September 3, 2012
About water striders’ Surface Trot ability…

It works for riding, too. (You can even renew it while mounted! When a hunter mounts up, her pet goes on passive, but its action bar is still clickable!)

August 28, 2012
Scenes from Azeroth: The first thing I did in 5.0.4

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